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Tino Cochino

This seventeen year radio vet got into the business at 13 years old as an intern in his hometown. Since then, he has continued to grow his brand and build a team that is monitored and respected by peers in all markets, major and small. Tino has also created his own music and television content for the CW.



At times, we all think certain things that we simply won’t admit out loud. That’s where DJ Nicasio comes in. He has no filter! Feel free to address all complaint letters his way. LOL! Aside from his TCR co-host duties, he’s also a respected turntablist and rocks some of the hottest clubs across the country.

Who is Tino Cochino?

Who is Tino Cochino?

Click here to meet, Tino Cochino, the host of the Tino Cochino Radio Show now on Hot 93.3 Weekdays from 3pm-7pm!MORE