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HI!!!!!!  My name is Sid…I’m the guy that hangs with you while you’re trying to bounce from work.  We get to deal with DFW traffic together.  ***Remember to breathe slowly and think happy thoughts***   


Here’s a not-so-secret, secret.  Sid is a nickname.  I’ve been known as Sid most of my life and find it very uncomfortable when someone calls me by my first name.  I’m originally from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.  I’ve lived mostly in the mid-west and south.  I have three kids; two girls (Keira and Charlotte) and one boy (Tyler).  All my kids are still little, so you’ll often hear me talking about how much they run my life.  It sounds like a problem, but I LOVE being a dad. 

Dogs have been in my life ever since I was a ‘lil Sid.  At one point we had three!  On December 27th of 2020, we lost our 6-yr-old Golden Retriever “Gibbs,” to what the vets thought was cancer.  It was unexpected & sudden, thus thoroughly devastating. While this destroyed us, we’ve just recently (March 27th) gotten another Golden.  Her name is Peri (like periwinkle).  Here are a couple pics I took…

Here’s a look at Peri on the ride home when we got her:  

Just chillin’ on the floor wondering if she’ll like me or not:

Minutes later after playing for a bit:

While I’ll always miss every dog I’ve ever had – Peri has started to heal both me and my family’s very broken hearts.  My brother once told me that “dogs really have the power to make a house a home.”  I couldn’t agree more.  

My radio show is a reflection of who I am, so if it’s happened to me, I’ve probably shared it on-air – or on social.  That has gotten me in trouble a few times.  I remember when my wicked (thankfully) ex-mother-in-law called me an “a**hole” on the phone. Yeah, I had to deal with that, ugh!   BTW make it a point to follow me and the station.  I’m always posting the ridiculous things we do at home and in the halls at the station.

In no order, I’m into self-defense, shooting, working out, my dog, hanging with my kids, watching sports on TV or hanging at a Stars game!  I used to be a pro-beach volleyball player and suffered a nasty back injury, so I’m not really “allowed” to play sports anymore.  Because I don’t like to listen to my doctors, you’ll often find me in the ER or a doctor’s office being reprimanded.  Side note:  I just had my second spinal fusion surgery here at Eminet from Dr JQ November 9th of 2020.  It was pretty hard, but they treated me sooooo well!  Thanks Dr JQ for everything.  You guys were all amazing!!  

I’m really happy to live here in DFW!  If you take the horrid traffic away it’s such a great area with too many things to do, but that’s a great problem for me to have.  

Whenever you want to know what I’ve talked about on the show come back here and check it out or hit me on social.  

NOW – Let’s get to my take on what’s going on in the world of POP CULTURE: