WATCH: Freelance Reporter Chases A$AP Rocky And It’s Hilarious!

If you want a job as a celebrity reporter, or paparazzi, you have to bring your “A” game every day…and get ready to do whatever it takes to get the scoop on your competition.

Freelance reporter, Melanie Miller, had done some work for TMZ in the past, and while she was in a neighborhood frequented by celebs, she saw A$AP Rocky jogging down the street. What would YOU do? Even though she didn’t have on the right shoes, Melanie started running with A$AP, and it became hilarious almost immediately after.

Hey, Sid here…This has got to be one of my favorite pieces of video from a paparazzi (is that the right spelling?) because of how authentic Melanie is while chasing her story. LOL – you can hear her struggle to keep up with A$AP, who starts laughing at her because it was so abnormal.

But…you know what? She got the story and a BIG win for Melanie! Way to go girl!!!!