The Birth of “Remember When”

Before each of my shows (Sid here) I scroll around the net, looking for stuff to share when I’m on-air. Today, I ran across some of the best moments of the internet and it gave an idea. No matter how plugged in you think you are, there’s no way you’ve heard/seen the best moments and trending stuff the internet has had to offer. Maybe you’re really well connected, but there’s gotta be some stuff you haven’t seen before. Right? Or, you have seen most of it, but completely forgotten how awesome something was when it first dropped.

Thus, my idea…the birth of “Remember When”

Once a week, I’ll feature a piece of audio or video that blew the internet up and post it here to my page.

Are you ready to check out the first ever Remember When moment?

The video that spawned my idea belongs to Kevin Hart…or Don Cheadle. Either way, back in 2021, Kevin Hart was interviewing Don Cheadle on one of his 34 projects when Don told Kevin he was 56 years old. Kevin (without thinking) blurted out a very disrespectful/hilarious, “DAMN!” and tried to play it off like he meant it respectfully. Staying calm, Don wasn’t having it and Kevin kept trying to get away with it, making it more funny whenever he tried to open his mouth. I don’t care if this was fake or planned. It’s funny, and it turned into trending gold.

Enjoy the moment Kevin Hart made Don Cheadle feels like being 56 is OLD AF!!!!