Martha Stewart Grabs Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

In a move that’s caused Sports Illustrated to jump to the top of trending topics, S.I. decided to put 81-year-old entrepreneur / Snoop Dogg’s bestie – Martha Stewart – on the cover of their annual swimsuit issue.

S.I. unveiled the special cover, featuring Martha in a one-piece halter swimsuit earlier today. YES!

When Martha found out she was going to be on the cover, she thought, “oh, that’s pretty good. I’m going to be the oldest person on the cover of Sports Illustrated.”

Martha explained, “and I don’t think about age very much, but I thought that this is kind of historic. Age is not the determining factor in terms of friendship or in terms of success, but what people do, how people think, how people act, that’s what’s important and not your age.”

But wait….

If you’re thinking this might be some sort of marketing gimmick to get press, you may be right. While I don’t want to take anything away from either older women or Martha, we need all the facts before we make up our mind on this one.

Sports Illustrated did confirm that Martha isn’t the ONLY model to land a cover for the most popular issue. S.I. decided on “alternating covers.” In addition to Martha Stewart, Megan Fox, Kim Petras and Brooks Nader were chosen to be on separate covers. Here’s a thought…if you add up Megan, Kim and Brooks’ ages, do they surpass Martha’s 81? Yep, they do. Megan is 36, Kim’s 30 and Brooks is the baby at 27.

We’re happy for Martha, this is pretty great for her! Maybe she can turn this into another revenue stream?

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Photo: Sports Illustrated