Christina Aguilera Gets REAL On Podcast

There were a bunch of big stars back in the early 2000s. From Britney and ‘N Sync to the Backstreet Boys and Eminem. Christina Aguilera jumped onto the scene in 1999 and never looked back. Separating herself with her girl next door looks and huge voice, she became the epitome of the female sexual movement in the 2000s with her album titled “Stripped.”

Christina even co-founded a company called “Playground Sexual Wellness.” No question this was the catalyst for this interview!

X-Tina stopped by a podcast called, “Call Her Daddy,” where she talked all about where she is now, and who she is as an openly sexual woman.

CAREFUL – SOME OF THIS CONTENT IS NSFW – Make sure you’re on mute, or plugged in. It gets descriptive, but it’s a conversation that really needs to happen.