WATCH: Hugh Grant’s Red Carpet Interview Called “RUDE” At Oscars

So many cool things happened at the Oscars Sunday night. Not only did I realize I missed out on a bunch of movies I need to now go see, I am now a lifelong fan/bestie of Ke Huy Quan! His acceptance speech was one of the most sincere, genuine, honest looks into that process ever! Oh – BTW, this is Sid writing this. 😉

As an on-air talent, I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to be around a lot of celebrities. While it IS really great, you learn quickly that a lot of celebrities can be down right rude. There are also a bunch of times I’ve met a famous person that was told was a jerk and they turned out to be really cool! So it could go both ways!

I’m pretty sure you’re aware of how a red carpet works right? In no particular order, celebs arrive, they have their pictures snapped at the step and repeat, then head to “interview row.” Then you’re gawked over, and finally asked who you’re wearing before heading into the auditorium.

See, you and I both understand how that works, so you’d expect such a big star like Hugh Grant to get it too, right? Unfortunately, he made this entire process incredibly painful for Ashley Graham Sunday at the Oscars.

If I’m being 100% honest, Ashley isn’t the most polished interviewer, and the questions she lobbed up at Hugh put him off from the jump because she didn’t understand a “vanity fair” reference he threw out. But even if all that is true, Hugh decided early on that he wasn’t going to play along, and that made for one awkward interview. Oh, and a bad taste in viewers mouths.

After Ashley’s first question was a miss (from Hugh’s perspective) she tried her best to find something Hugh would latch onto, but Hugh didn’t want to play along. Finally, Ashley tried to kiss his butt (something you have to do with them!) by complimenting him…but that didn’t work either! You have to think, if you’re not going to play along, move along! Right?

Take a look at the interview for yourself and see if you think it’s a bit off.