Arnold Schwarzenegger Drops Powerful Anti-Hate Message

Arnold Schwarzenegger was (is) one of my favorite movie stars! (Sid here.) I’ve seen just about every movie he’s dropped, and I even tried (and failed) to follow his fitness regime. (The man is a walking muscle!!!)

While you’ve probably seen many of Arnold’s movies, you may not know that he’s doing some hard work trying to help the world overcome it’s issue with hate.

Arnold released this video recently that really helped me in a couple ways. I hope it helps YOU too! And no…you don’t have to be a racist to be helped here.

I grew up in a family mixed with racism. My father said some of the ugliest things I’ve ever heard about people that didn’t look like him. I’ve heard him tell my brother he didn’t want his (insert bad word here) roommate coming into his house. I also remember him telling me that my first-ever friend, a black boy named Kenny, couldn’t come in because he was black. I heard this…from my own father…at 5!

Luckily for me, I didn’t fall into that same mind-set. I was able to see people for who they were, not the color of their skin, or sexual orientation. But there are too many others out there without that blessing. Hate is around us every moment, and we need to move past it to grow and be better people.

I hope this video helps you get past obstacles in your life. You can even forward it to someone that you think needs it too.

Good luck! Thanks for reading this!