LISTEN: There Are Options If You Can’t Find Your ADHD Medication

In October of 2022, the FDA announced that there would be a shortage of certain medications used to treat attention deficit disorder (ADHD/ADD) and narcolepsy. The metroplex avoided significant issues finding the medication throughout the new year, until now. And it’s BAD!

Sid here…and on top of the multiple issues I’ve dealt with regarding my 4 back surgeries, I also suffer from ADHD. This shortage has hit me pretty hard too.

To find out more on WHY this is happening, CLICK HERE

Trying to find certain dosages of the drug Adderall is something patients and parents of their kids have been suffering through for a few months. I’m sure even the people answering phones at the pharmacies in our area are tired of taking the calls too. The fact is…no one has it, and no one has a clue when it’s coming back.

After skimming through websites, I was contacted by Joe Gagnon, a Psychiatric Health Nurse Practitioner from Pennsylvania. Joe talked about a medication called Adzenys to replace Adderall if you can’t find it. For more information on that medication CLICK HERE

I invited Joe on my show to discuss the issue and spread the word on what patients here in the metroplex can do to get by. Here are parts one and two of my interview with Joe…

REMEMBER – any time you’re dealing with your health, talk to you doctor first. Never take advice from anyone other than your doctor. OKAY?