5 Movies To See In September

Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

I’m not overly excited about this upcoming month of films but there are one or two movies on this list that really interest me. Here are five movies you should check out in September.

  1. Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul– 2nd

I’m sure you’re thinking this is one of those religious movie like Passion of the Christ or God’s Not Dead, but this is actually a comedy based off a 2018 short film. Regina Hall (Girls Trip) and Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us) star as First Lady of the church Trinitie Childs and Pastor Curtis Childs of a mega church. When a scandal forces them to close the door to their church and lose their congregation, they work to build back up their reputation and congregation.

2. Pinocchio– 8th (Disney+)

Its the story we all know; a man-made puppet who turns into a real boy. We’ve had many live-action remakes about one of Disney’s oldest characters. So what makes this different you ask? Well with the advancement and improvements of special effects and animation, it will definitely be gorgeously shot. Also, the unrecognizable Tom Hanks plays the puppet creator Geppetto. Not a bad movie to watch and enjoy with the family on movie night.

3. The Woman King– 16th

A story based on an all-female African Army? Yes sign me up! Viola Davis plays Nanisca, General of the Agojie who protected the kingdom of Dahomey during the 19th century. When there home is threatened by invaders, the Agojie warriors must step up to defend their land.

4. Don’ Worry Darling– 23rd

As we get closer and closer to the release of this film, it seems more drama keeps stirring up. First, there were talk and speculation that Florence Pugh was not happy with the way things went on set saying director Olivia Wilde was unprofessional. Pugh is also not liking how the movie is being promoted. It seems the studio is making the movie all about sex or at least trying to push that narrative, which makes sense knowing who Pugh’s co-star is (hint: he’s a gorgeous British singer). And this Shia LaBeouf thing, he was originally apart of the cast but it has been revealed he made Florence Pugh very uncomfortable so they replaced him with now Olivia Wilde’s boyfriend Harry Styles. Just so much drama all around, which is why I’m excited for this film. I am also a big Florence Pugh fan and with this amazing cast, I hope all the drama doesn’t bring down what I think can be a great movie.

5. Hocus Pocus 2– 30th (Disney+)

The Sanderson sisters are back! It’s been almost 30 years since we got introduced to the Sanderson sisters and they return to wreak havoc on All Hallows’ Eve. We’ve only seen a teaser trailer for the new movie but that is more than enough to get us excited this Halloween.

Other movies to catch this September: Barbarian (9th), Goodnight Mommy (16th on Prime Video), and Smile (30th)