A New Restaurant In Fort Worth Won’t Allow Cell Phones

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(Image by Tina Shaw from Pixabay)

By @emilyontheradio

It’s gonna be pretty tough to get food pics when you’re at the new restaurant, Caterina’s. They don’t allow phones there.

According to NBC DFW, servers will be on the lookout for diners who “disobey” and will kindly ask them to put their phone in the locking bags provided by the restaurant.

The idea is to create a place where customers can disconnect — and actually talk to each other without constant distraction.

It looks like they’re using something like the Yondr bags you may have started seeing at phone-free shows.

It’s a bag that allows you to keep your phone on you, but not actually use it. It’s locked with a powerful magnet and can only be unlocked by the staff administering it.

They say if you’re waiting for a call, give someone the restaurant number and they’ll get you on the landline. Feeling real old-timey. Are you into it or nah?