Will Smith Apologizes For Slap / Explains Himself…Again

When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the Oscars after Chris made a joke about his wife, everyone was shocked and convinced that it was planned. But here we are months later and it’s still not resolved. If anything Will appears to be working overtime to make amends, and things aren’t really that much better.

Will posted a video on YouTube that, including another apology to Chris, also mentioned that Chris hadn’t spoken to Will about it yet. Will also explained how this whole incident has impacted his life. And it’s a very…interesting experience.

Will’s tone is very different…almost as if he’s on the verge of crying. It’s hard to tell if he’s being sincere because he’s actually upset, or if he’s emotional because Hollywood seems to have distanced itself from him.

Either way, if you’re into the story you’ll want to watch the video Will’s posted. Here you go…