TV Reporter Loses Tooth On LIVE TV!!!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had nightmares where my teeth have started falling out. The fact that this actually happened in real life, has made one of my biggest fears a reality!

(I’ve spoken to several dream experts, who claim these dreams are the result of you thinking that you’ve said things that you shouldn’t have said while awake. This makes sense I’d have those dreams, but they’re still upsetting!) ~sid

During a morning news show called “Studio 10” in Australia, entertainment reporter Craig Bennett started the segment stuttering through his lines. He stopped talking to check his mouth, and discovered that his tooth was about to fall out on live TV! That’s exactly what happened.

The whole embarrassing moment was caught live, and there was nothing Craig could do other than smile big and bright with a massive gap up front like any Dallas Stars hockey player.

To check out the video CLICK RIGHT HERE