5 Movies To See in August

Photo By: Pixabay

August is usually considered the slower month of movie releases but with Halloween right around the corner, you can expect a lot of horror/ psychological thriller movies. Here are five movies you need to put on your list to watch.

  1. Bullet Train– 5th

This movie will most likely be the biggest release of the month. Five assassins are on a bullet train from Tokyo with the same intent to recover a briefcase on the train. Brad Pitt is starring alongside some recognizable names like Bad Bunny, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Sandra Bullock. This will definitely be a fun one to check out!

2. Bodies Bodies Bodies– 5th

A24 is the production company behind some of the best and well-known horror and indie films including Midsommar, Uncut Gems, Hereditary, The Witch, and more. Based on early reviews, we will be adding this coming-of-age slasher to the list. A group of friends meet up for vacation at a remote mansion and decide to play a game that soon go terribly wrong.

3. They/Them– 5th (streaming on Peacock)

So the correct way to say the title is “They Slash Them”. Genius right?! Kevin Bacon is starring in what Buzzfeed is calling a “LGBTQ+ horror masterpiece”. Can I please borrow someone’s Peacock login on August 5th?

4. Beast- 19th

This will be one of those movies where you will need a bucket of popcorn but hold on to it tight because you might get some jump scares. Idris Elba plays a father who is fighting for survival in the African jungle with his two daughters as they’re being hunted by a lion.

5. The Invitation– 26th

I believe there will be life lessons to learn from watching this movie. Imagine you never knowing anything about your family and when you find out who they are and show up to a family event, they’re vampires. Just insane! You’re in for a ride with this one.

Other movies to check out in August: Thirteen Lives (5th on Prime Video), Prey (5th on Hulu), Orphan: First Kill (19th on Paramount+)