Pizza Fest Dallas Is Back Again With Your Chance To Win A Pizza Eating Contest

(Photo: Canva Pro)

By @emilyontheradio

There are few things I like better than PIZZA. There are so many different ways to get it right that it’s hard to get wrong. It seems like a dream to say that Pizza Fest Dallas is almost here! Saturday, May 14, you can catch your fellow pizza lovers at Bottled Blonde.

There’s going to be pizza of all sorts, live music, win, beer, and a bounce land for the little ones.

You’ll be able to find pizza from all of these spots right there in Deep Ellum:

  • Ballatrino Pizza
  • Serious Pizza
  • Yummy Pizza
  • Olivella’s Pizza
  • Manakeesh Pizza
  • Cici’s Pizza
  • Grimaldi’s Pizza
  • Hustle Town Pizza
  • I Fratelli Pizza
  • Cavallo Nero Pizza
  • Bottle Blonde
  • Firewheel Pizza
  • Full Moon Pizza
  • Eno’s Pizza
  • 400 Gradi

But you could also win some money just for downing your ‘za the fastest. Think you can handle 10 slices in 10 minutes? That’s the challenge!

Grab your tickets here!

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