Sid Chats With Charlie Puth

If you want to skip right to the interview, go ahead and click below! If you want a bit of background, check out what I wrote below the video.

I’ve interviewed A TON of celebrities in my career. I was looking forward to chatting with Charlie because he’s seemed to have turned a corner in his relationship with his fans. He’s been letting us all into his life and we get to watch the process of HOW he actually makes music. Since I kind of “fell” into radio after I went to school originally to learn to be a music producer, I needed to get to know a little more about the process…and who better to talk with than Charlie Puth?

What did we talk about? I HAD to ask him about the whole Benny Blanco situation, and whether or not it’s real or fake. We also got into how Charlie uses TikTok to make his songs more personal for his fans. And finally, we talked about one of our listeners, Brooklyn, who had to leave school because she’s being bullied. This hit home for both of us, and we may have stumbled into a little bit of the “why” it happens.

~ sid