Rodney’s 25 Acts of Random Kindness

Photo: Pixabay

While I was filling in for Mason today, I remembered one of my co-workers – Rodney – from Toledo. Without getting too much into the backstory, Rodney and our team came up with a bit we had him do called, “Rodney’s 25 Acts of Random Kindness.”

The premise was that – in order to feel better and get out of a depressive slump – Rodney would complete 25 random acts of random kindness before he could celebrate his birthday. The “acts” were simple things, like “open a door for a complete stranger,” so they weren’t difficult. BUT, they did consist of making Rodney put in effort to help someone he doesn’t know, feel better.

Rodney crushed the list of items quickly and celebrated his birthday. I also let him co-host the show and be on the mic all morning that day, but that’s not the real prize. The real prize was what we all learned…helping others, and making a difference, doesn’t have to be some huge grand gesture. You can totally win the day just by grabbing something on the top shelf for an old lady at the grocery store.

It is THAT simple!

The thing is…you have to do it. You also must be sure to not expect anything in return. After all, you’re only doing this to make a difference, not get a pat on the back.

This hit home for me today because I’ve recently been dealing with some personal and ridiculous lies being told by someone that should never cross that line. When people you trust with your life make decisions to do something you view as terrible, it’s not an easy thing to turn off and ignore! All of this has made me very angry, filled with anxiety I’ve never experienced, and it’s not fair to anyone. I need to work on a different way of thinking, and this is just the thing to get me focused on who I really am, and not what has been said about me.

Words have power the moment you give it to them. The only person responsible for your happiness is YOU. My own happiness is something I’m taking 100% control of right now.

Thanks Rodney.

I never thought I’d say that. Hmmm, I think that will count as a random act of kindness number 1!