Changing This ONE Thing Could Decrease Your Risk Of Depression By 23%

(Photo: Canva Pro)

By @emilyontheradio

Anybody with depression knows there’s no quick fix to cure it all. And what’s reeeeally annoying is when people try to make it seem that way. I’m not going to do that here.

BUT I will share some info on something I just read about depression and sleep.

According to Suggest, “The University of Colorado Boulder, the Broad Institute at MIT, and Harvard University recently completed a genetic study of 840,000 people that found waking up just one hour earlier—but still getting the same amount of sleep—will reduce the risk of major depression by 23%.”

All I have to do it get up an hour earlier and I might not feel so depressed? Seems kind of easy, but maybe it’s worth a shot. And if it seems too hard (because depression and anxiety can make things feel IMPOSSIBLE), then are here are some of the things that might be nice about an extra hour to yourself after waking up:

  • Maybe you’ll feel less rushed getting to work.
  • This give you more time to enjoy the sunshine (unless you work the night shift).
  • You can actually make yourself breakfast.
  • You can lay awake in bed longer and just enjoy the relaxation before a hectic day.
  • Does you dog need walked? Do it then.
  • You can probably accomplish something small before you feel like the day has even started!

Wishing you a happy and (mentally) healthy New Year!