Wylie Mom Goes Viral For Embarrassing Son On TikTok

A Wylie Mom has decided to make her son’s trip to school even more memorable by embarrassing the CRAP out of him every time she drops him off.

Tonia says her goodbye in the car to her son, but when he walks to the front door, she kicks it up a notch by getting on a PA and embarrassing her son in a variety of ways.

Is it embarrassing? YEP!
Is it hilarious? Uh, YEAH!

Check it out:


Too far?? Nah 🤣 And excuse my voice cracking…I’m going through puberty 🤷🏻‍♀️ #microphonemom 💜 @mehasrareuser

♬ original sound – Tonia Erin

Post by: Sid