How To HELP Highland Hills Residents

Photo: Sid Kelly

Post by: @sidradio8

Last week, firefighters showed up to the Highland Hills apartment complex in Oak Cliff to respond to resident’s claims of a gas leak. During the investigation, there was an explosion that completely destroyed one building, and severely damaged several others.

Families were evacuated from the area and moved to area hotels with nothing but the clothes on their back. When all was said and done, 4 firefighters were sent to the hospital. Three are in critical condition, and the fourth was treated and released the same day. Several residents were also transported to the hospital with a variety of injuries.

While the families that were evacuated are safe, and there’s a blessing in that reality, now they’re all dealing with a tremendous amount of loss. Not only are these families forced to live in a hotel, they have lost everything. Clothes, food, medicine, toys for their children, and memories. They’re all gone, thrown all across the grass at the complex to ensure secondary fires wouldn’t cause further issues.

These families need your help.

The New HOT 93.3 is collecting both adult and children’s clothes – toiletries (shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.) and toys. Please take some time to go through your closet and see if there’s anything you can donate. If you have kids, speak with them about this tragedy in their community, and use this as a lesson so they can learn how to give to others in need.

As of right now, there are two places where you can drop off your donations. You can either bring all donations to the HOT 93-3 studios. We are open M-F 8:30am-5:30pm. Here’s our address: 3090 Nowitzki Way – 4th Floor – Dallas, TX 75219

You can also drop off donations inside labeled bins at HOPE SUPPLY Monday thru Friday from 9am – 3pm. The address is: 10480 Shady Trail, Suite 104, Dallas, TX 75220

To learn more information and see more pictures, CLICK HERE

Photo: Sid Kelly