Britney Spears Proves Her Butt Is Real

Photo: Getty Images


You think that’s a weird headline?  Agreed!  It’s one of the weirdest I’ve ever written!  (Sid here.)

So….Britney posted a pic of herself showing her butt in the mirror, and the internet went at her.  Basically, the internet trolls are claiming that she was using a filter or some sort of editing to make her butt look so great.  Why? ***coughs**** JEALOUSY!   Well, Britney’s 40, and there’s no way her butt looks that good without help, right?


Britney clapped back on her IG page; posting another video of her moving all around, showing that it’s her butt and she didn’t use a filter or any photography tricks.  It’s 100% Britney.

Sorry.  We can’t stop looking at this train wreck as it goes on.  She would be so much better off just not posting this type of stuff in the first place.  Right?




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