Harry Styles Waves Bi-Sexual Pride Flag At Show

harry styles
(Photo by Handout/Helene Marie Pambrun via Getty Images)


Harry Styles is a lot of things, but if you were to believe the headlines floating around on social media today, you’d think he’s bi-sexual.

Not that it should matter to anyone, but he’s not.

Allow me (Sid here!) to attempt to clear up this rumor, started by the almighty internet.

While Harry was in the middle of his show in Denver last night, someone threw a bi-sexual pride flag on-stage.  Harry noticed the flag, picked it up and tied it around his mic stand and sang, “Treat People With Kindness.”  He went on to continue his show as planned.


Later on in the show, someone else threw a Black Lives Matter flag onto the stage and Harry also stopped to tie that around his mic stand too.  Harry stopped the show to say, “If you are Black, if you are white, if you are gay, if you are transgender – whoever you are, whoever you want to be, I support you. I love every single one of you.”

It’s just like the internet to take a piece of the truth and turn it into whatever they want it to be for their story.  But in reality, Harry was just being the good dude that he is.  It’s sad, really, that no one mentioned that Harry was all about Black Lives Matter.  I guess the better headline for the ones spreading rumors is that Harry’s bi-sexual.