Do Good – Get PAID!

Photo: PIxabay


If you’ve driven anywhere within DFW it only takes a few minutes to realize…people aren’t in such a good mood.  There’s a real problem when you drive, or even walk around our amazing city!  People are feeling more stressed than ever, and that’s causing problems.  It’s not only DFW – it’s just about everywhere you go too.

Enter Robel Regal.

Robel is the head of Regal Prosperity.  His plan…to reward those that are doing good in their community by giving away $1 million.

Regal is accepting submissions for an initiative they launched this summer that is intended to display acts of kindness on social media.  They’re looking for outstanding public displays of good deeds.  The deeds can be submitted with the hashtag:  “#regalgooddeedchallenge”

To grab more information and go to the website responsible for this initiative, CLICK RIGHT HERE