Moms Scolds Neighborhood For NOT Stopping At Kids’ Lemonade Stand

Photo: Pixabay


We’re sure you’ve seen a local lemonade stand before.  Kids setting up the (sometimes) delicious drink on a REALLY HOT day!  But…you don’t have time to stop and help out, so you drive by.

Apparently that was too much for one mom to handle, so she took to Facebook to destroy her neighborhood for ignoring her kids’ lemonade stand.

But, it didn’t stop there!  She actually put up a BARRICADE to stop traffic so people could pay for her kids’ lemonade!  Seriously.


Photo: Facebook


The initial post said, “Thank you to all who showed support for the twins today! As a general rule of etiquette for those who don’t know: when you see children out having a lemonade stand, you stop.  “The lemonade most

likely sucks and it’s probably warm (possibly a bug floating in the ice), but you stop anyway because the children are cute and they don’t understand why you aren’t stopping when they are clearly asking you to stop!

“At one point I had to put up a barricade, forcing drivers to pull over and acknowledge my children. It should never have to come to this! Be a better citizen!”

People did NOT like the post, or the fact that she broke the law by stopping traffic.  One person wrote:  “Pretty much the only time I wouldn’t stop for a kid’s free lemonade stand is if their crazy mother had the nerve to block

off traffic and try to force me to – I’m also pretty sure that’s illegal.”

So…where do YOU stand on this?  Would you stop?  Would you be cool with this?