This Is Why You Shouldn’t Propose Publicly

Photo: Pixabay


We’ve all seen video of a public proposal, right?  Well, this one went horribly wrong and we can’t turn away.

In the video, the unnamed groom-not-to-be pops the question in front of a crowded minor league baseball game in Worcester, Massachusetts on Thursday, but things didn’t quite go as planned.

As the crowd figured it out and the big-screen showed live video of the proposal, the girl put her hands over he mouth and shook her head “NO.”


Stop right there though!  This might not be so real.  Stadiums around the country have tried to find ways to entertain fans and having proposals go wrong is definitely one of those things they’ve tried before.

Doesn’t matter though, right?  It’s a cringe-worthy event that we’re happy to stop and watch while the day just fades away.   Now, back to work.  🙂