What Ice Cream Is Texas’ Favorite?

Photo: PIxabay



It’s a hot summer day in Texas, which means it’s super humid too!  You’re dreading the walk to your car to get your errands done and all is lost because it’s just too damn hot.  All of a sudden you hear it….that magical sound that, as a kid, you can hear from 7 miles away.  The sweet, gentle, delicious sound of the ice cream truck.  You rush to the door, forgetting your shoes.  Check your pockets for cash and run to the road.  Now, the biggest question you’ll face all day…

What do you get?

The website Outerbanks Vacations put some numbers together and printed up the following graphic that shows every state’s favorite cold treat to get from the ice cream truck.  Texas seems to love the firecracker!

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Photo: Outerbanks Vacations