Zendaya and Tom Holland Were Seen Kissing

Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images


I called this back in 2017 when the first Spider-Man movie with Tom Holland was released. During the press junkets they were just too friendly with each other and had such good chemistry. Both of their fan bases were praising when the photos of Zendaya and Tom Holland kissing were released.

The two were spotted in LA together being their goofy and loving selfs; just laughing up a storm. The internet lost their minds when the two went viral for having a little make out sesh in the car.

It’s history repeating itself for the Spider-Man characters to date their co-stars. Tobey McGuire and Kristen Dunst had a fling back in 2002. Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone were a couple for a few years and now it seems Tom Holland and Zendaya have found each others heart.

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