Kanye West’s Gap Jacket Crashes Gap’s Website

Photo: Getty Images


Earlier this year, GAP announced they were teaming up with Kanye West for a massive amount of money.  In exchange for the cash, Kanye was supposed to design some clothes and history was made.  Yesterday, we got an idea of how big a deal this is to the public.

The very first piece in the Kanye collection, a big, blue, puffy jacket without a zipper was available on GAP’s website for $200.  Within minutes the site crashed.

Well over 50,000 users got onto the site within the first 30 minutes, overwhelming the site and crashing it.

It’s a very telling look into the interest of Yeezy’s brand, especially when you consider that GAP didn’t send out any notifications that the jacket was going up for sale.  The word spread like crazy and crashed everything.

With all that being said, let’s talk about the jacket (below).  A bunch of people pointed out that you can’t close it – it doesn’t have a zipper, or anything else, so clearly it’s a fashion item, not a functional jacket that will keep you warm.  Also, it’s $200!  Not cheap, but not outrageously expensive, right?

It’s pretty obvious, this line is gonna sell out, no matter what it looks like.

Photo: GAP