Shoutout Your Pride!

Here at the New Hot 93.3 we are celebrating Pride Month and we want to give you a safe place to share your story and shoutout your pride! Submit your story below. Once we review it, we’ll get it posted on our Pride Wall.

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The people daring enough to be themselves give way for the rest of us that aren’t quite there yet. Thank you to the entire LGBTQ+ community for being YOU!

I just want to thank all those out there spreading the word, and fighting the good fight for recognition! It’s about time we were recognized as people, not just a punchline. Thank you HOT 93.3 for doing this! Love you all! sammi

I want to give special recognition to the person personally responsible for my accepting, and realizing that accepting those that are part of the LGBTQ+ community deserve respect and love just like everyone else. I grew up in a house of great tension. My father was a bigot, my mother went along with it, and it was very difficult to find my way with race or difference. Since I was close with my older brother, I often went to his college at Kutztown to visit and stay the weekend. His roommate, Don B was a different type of guy that I thought was gay. He wasn’t, but he often dealt with the stereotype being considered gay would bring. I still remember how uncomfortable it would make me feel when we would all hang out together and other people would treat him badly because of their belief. Matter-of-fact, my father also thought Don was gay, and wouldn’t let him into our house when he drove over 2 hours to visit my brother. I will never forget the way that moment made me feel. It made me incredibly angry.

Don was able to open my eyes as a young man and realize that jumping to conclusions about others only leads to problems, and holds you back from meeting some amazing people. Don hung around people that, up until that point, I wouldn’t have, because of my upbringing. But Don made it easy to realize that the way I was taught to look at the world was completely wrong, and a bad way to live.

Don passed away recently and I didn’t realize his impact on me until I reflected on our relationship. I will forever have him to thank for helping me understand that judging someone without getting to know them is one of the worst things you can do in life. You should give everyone a chance no matter who, or what you think they are on the surface. Thanks to Don I have many friends in the LGBTQ+ community and continue to teach the lessons to others that I’ve learned. He will be missed!