Billie Eilish Perfectly Responds To Tabloids Calling Her A Sell-Out

billie eilish
(Photo by Jim Dyson/Redferns)

By @emilyontheradio

Billie Eilish has been in the limelight from a young age, and it looks like it gave her a solid backbone to stand up for herself when tabloids take shots at her. I’m really proud of her for her response to a headline calling her a sell-out for sporting lingerie in her new Vogue cover (which, by the way, is an AWESOME achievement).

The original tabloid headline read “Proof that money can make you change your values and sell out: Billie Eilish shocks fans by swapping baggy clothes for lingerie in Vogue — despite years of vowing to ‘hide her body.'”


Billie posted an ~edited~ version of her own on her Instagram story:

She makes a valid point saying that she was a minor until a couple years ago and was absolutely OK to “hide her body” and she’s absolutely OK to show off however she wants.