Best Places To Live In DFW

Photo: Pixabay put together a bunch of “Best of” things again this year and I couldn’t help but dig into where they think of the best places to live in DFW are….AND – to see if I live in one of them.   (Shocker – I don’t.)

Richardson cleaned up – getting 6 of the top 10 best neighborhoods to live – including 1, 2 and 3!  Damn!

Slow your roll Richardson.  Don’t get cocky!

Richardson’s Cotton Creek South neighborhood was the 5th best place to live in AMERICA this year!  So clearly there’s something great happening up there.

Okay – that’s pretty cool.

The rankings look into an area’s overall livability and grade each of them based on affordability, performance of public schools, diversity and more.  The data used to make up their ratings comes from the US Census Bureau, FBI, US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the CDC, AND resident reviews and data that is proprietary to

The TOP 10 Neighborhoods to live in DFW are:

  1. Cotton Creek South (Richardson)
  2. Heights Park (Richardson)
  3. Canyon Creek South (Richardson)
  4. Old Enfield (Austin)
  5. Timberbrook (Plano)
  6. Alamo Heights (San Antonio)
  7. Preston Highlands (Dallas)
  8. Canyon Creek North (Richardson)
  9. Terrell Hills (San Antonio)
  10. Gateway (Austin)

If you want to check out the listings CLICK HERE.