Demi Lovato Calls Her Fans “Out Of Line Sometimes”

Photo: Getty Images


Part three of Demi Lovato’s documentary came with some serious messages for Demi’s fans….you’re out of line sometimes.

This all comes from the way Demi’s fans treated her former choreographer Dani Vitale.

Dani was the one fans assumed gave the drugs to Demi that caused her near fatal overdose last year.  That wasn’t even close to the case, as both Dani and Demi tried to explain, it was Dani that was overly-cautious around Demi and would have never put her in that situation.

As a result of fan’s assumption, Dani got death threats, lost clients and was fired because no one wanted to work with her.

This was all just ONE part of the documentary on YouTube.  If you missed it, check it out below.

WARNING – this episode has potential sexual assault triggers, use of adult language and adult themes.  Parents should be present to preview before allowing children to view.