Justin Bieber Takes On GMA

Photo: Getty Images


Justin Bieber is a machine!  He’s been all over TikTok / did a tiny desk concert for NPR and just finished an appearance on Good Morning America.  He is doing it all to get the word out about it new album, Justice.

Justin’s performance was pre-taped but it didn’t matter, he crushed it anyway. While not the normal 3 or so songs that is typical of a GMA guest spot, Justin just performed “Hold On,” and it was all fans needed to go nuts over the performance.  GMA was quick to grab a clip and post it to social to get the word out.

If you want to check out Justin’s performance of “Hold On,” you can do that BY CLICKING HERE.

It doesn’t stop there!  Justin will be stopping by again.  GMA ran these promos to get fans even more excited: