Cancel Culture Coming At Eminem (again)

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TikTok has a new fight on its hands, and it looks like it’s Gen Z (1997-2012) against Millennials (1981-1996).  They’re fighting over whether or not Eminem should be cancelled.

Eminem has been controversial since he first popped up on the scene, but now Gen Z’rs are using some of his lyrics to show proof of how controversial his lyrics are.  Take ‘Love The Way You Lie’ – the lyrics are about tying his girlfriend to the bed and setting the house on fire if she ever leaves him again.  That’s tough…but they’re lyrics, not truths.

Gen Z accounts have popped up saying they’re messed up in life because they grew up listening to Eminem.  Millennials jumped back and said they grew up with Eminem’s lyrics too and they’re NOT messed up.  BTW – I grew up on Eminem and violent video games and I have a great job and I’ve never murdered anyone or even been arrested.  For a felony.  That’s a story for another time.

Here’s a fact that I think a lot of people have forgotten.  It’s totally fine to be upset and bothered by something.  If it’s a song, you understand that you have the ability to change the station, skip it, or delete it from your playlist, right?  No one is forcing anyone to listen to anything.  If you’re going to cancel something, start with you deciding what’s right and wrong for someone else.


TikTok is the battleground for the back-n-forth and here’s a little sample of what you’ll find if you dig through the battle:




@snmmerrto everyone that is canceling him I literally love u😁♬ love the way you lie – sam

@jayleelynnjudddrafttttt ##ASOSFashunWeek ##tiktokfitness ##upcyclinh ##fyp♬ love the way you lie – sam

@bmotheprinceCancel Eminem!?! ##millennials ##GenZ♬ original sound – B Mo the Prince