Where Ya Goin Ted?

Photo: Getty Images


Senator Ted Cruz got himself into a bit of trouble yesterday after someone spotted a person at the GW airport in Houston that looked just like Ted Cruz.  That person ended up boarding a plane headed for the VERY warm – and not freezing – area known as Cancun, Mexico.  (BTW – it WAS Ted.)

Note the number of bags Ted is traveling with in the below picture, it’ll be important later:

Once that flight landed in Cancun, Ted’s people alerted him to the crap storm he just caused by getting on the plane in the first place.  Apparently it didn’t look that good for Texans to see one of their Senators getting on a plane for Cancun when they’re facing the worst freezing weather in the state’s history.

In an effort to explain himself, Ted released the following statement:  “wanting to be a good Dad, I flew down with them last night and am flying back this afternoon.”  See below:

Here’s Ted telling everyone his reasoning right to the camera.

While that sounds like an awesome thing to do for your kids, I guess Ted is a high-maintenance type of Senator.  He traveled to Cancun with two bags that seemed to be packed with whatever type outfit someone would need for a one-day visit to a tropical climate.  But maybe he packed the suit cases with a bunch of documents that contained information about the massive power failures and water / natural gas issues the people he represents were experiencing and he was going to review them all on the flight down.

Or maybe they contained multiple changes of clothes because he was actually going to Cancun to get away from all this mess!

Ted checked in to the airport in Cancun for his flight back to Texas and had just one of the two bags with him…

Well, either way you look at it, it was either something nice he did for his daughters, or, he learned that taking a trip out of the country when the people in your home state are suffering is a very, very bad idea.

If you want a good laugh, check out all these tweets about the issue by CLICKING RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE:  Some reporters have done some digging and it turns out I wasn’t wrong at all.  Ted was planning on spending a few days there since his original ticket had his return Saturday.  He purchased his return ticket to Texas 6am this morning.