Holiday Flavored Milk? It’s A No From Me

By @emilyontheradio

I love milk. It’s what I drink 94% of the time… that other 6% is the water I take pills with. But I guess I’m kind of a purist when it comes to drinking milk because I only drink white milk or chocolate milk. Get out of here with your strawberry milk, that’s just weird because it wants to be a strawberry milkshake and you’re robbing it of it’s ice cream dreams.


There seems to be a wacky flavor of milk for every season… like cotton candy milk in the summer because nothing says “state fair” like milk that tastes like spun sugar? Get outta here. According to Delish, now there’s a mint vanilla flavor out from TruMoo. I think that sounds nasty, but what’s worse is PUMPKIN PIE-FLAVORED MILK. Tell me there aren’t people out there just drinking it straight. Tell me the people buying up these weird ass milks are making fancy coffee drinks like you would with creamers. Or milkshakes — also acceptable I guess.

Now I know how those people feel that think it’s gross that I just drink straight milk. But at least I’m not drinking straight mint milk. Ew.