Kazakhstan Is Embracing Borat 2

Photo: Getty Images


Like many other movies that were supposed to come in the theater this year, Borat 2 was moved from an in-person theater experience to the at-home, streaming experience thanks to Amazon.  Since Amazon is pretty secretive with their exact sales numbers, all we know is that Amazon claims that the movie was seen by “tens of millions” of people this weekend.

If you remember when the original Borat came out in 2006, the country of Kazakhstan did NOT like how they were portrayed in the film and initially banned the movie’s showing.  It seems as though they have a different approach to the movie’s second bit at the apple.

Kazakhstan has embraced the publicity and decided to shoot a new tourism commercial where they use Borat’s catchphrase, “very nice!”.

Take a look at the commercial below.  You can’t help but think it’s quite brilliant.  Right?