Kanye Wants To Get Taylor’s Masters Back From Scooter

Photo: Getty Images


If you understood that headline you’re already ahead of the game.  If you didn’t, allow us to explain.

Several months ago Scooter Braun bought all of Taylor Swifts master recordings from her record company.  Basically making him the owner of most of her biggest songs (up until this last album).  This sent Taylor off, screaming on social media that she should have been given the opportunity to buy them before anyone.  Scooter didn’t even discuss the issue with Taylor, thus beginning a feud between those two.

Enter Kanye West.

We all know there is a lot of bad blood between Kanye and Taylor.  Well…Kanye might want to change things.

Kanye tweeted, “I’m going to personally see to it that Taylor Swift gets her master’s back.  Scooter Braun is a close family friend.”

The recordings have an estimated value of $320 million.  We’re not sure if there’s a family friend bond strong enough to look past that amount of money.