Amazon Is Hiring 33,000 People!

Photo: Sid Kelly


If you’re sniffing for your next gig you might want to get your resume ready because Amazon is looking to hire 33,000 workers in the next few months!   Thanks to COVID-19, Amazon is thriving and they need all kinds of help getting people their stuff.

The jobs will be in the corporate and tech space and they come with an average compensation package of $150,000, which includes salary and stock.   YES, you’re good enough to get a job like that!  Come on.  You can do it.

Amazon is holding an online career fair for those positions September 16th.  The virtual event gives you the chance to upload your resume and talk to a recruiter.  The jobs will be located all over the country.

If you’re not interested in working for Amazon, don’t worry, they’re offering help during the career fair for anyone who needs some tips fixing their resume so you are ready when it comes time to apply anywhere.

If you’re interested in applying, hit up or we’ll take you there right now if you CLICK RIGHT HERE.