Katy Perry Shows Off Post-Baby Fashion

Photo: Getty Images


Katy Perry scored major relatable points with moms everywhere!

Last night, during the MTV VMAs, Katy posted her version of a red carpet selfie.  Normally this would include some amazing hair and makeup with her dress taking center stage (see pic above).  Fortunately for Katy, she just gave birth to her daughter, Daisy, and is not in a place to be all made up.

Katy posted a pic of herself looking like every new mom…exhausted, wearing a nursing bra (yeah, that’s what those look like) and postpartum underwear.

I can tell you from my experience with my wife giving me three beautiful children…this picture brings back some serious old-school feels from the days following delivery.  (This is Sid typing by-the-way.)  🙂

Now that some of the curtain has been lifted, Katy has endeared herself to moms everywhere.  And at least one dad (me).

Photo: Katy Perry Instagram / @katyperry


Photo: Katy Perry Instagram / @katyperry