Internet Goes After Adele For Cultural Appropriation

Photo: Getty Images


Cultural appropriation has been a hot topic for the past few years, and thanks to an Instagram post, Adele has found herself right in the middle of it.

Adele posted a picture where she commemorated the Notting Hill Carnival that was canceled in London this year.  Adele was wearing a Jamaican flag bikini top with Bantu knots.  The carnival celebrates Black an Caribbean culture.  TMZ reported that the picture was from last year.

Once that picture went live people went nuts…claiming Adele was “taking” the style of another culture for her own, thus appropriating another culture.

This isn’t a one-sided argument, people chimed in on both sides, and no matter where you’ll land, you should definitely see the picture before jumping to any conclusion, so we’ve posted it below.

It is worth considering that Adele has participated in this event for a very long time.  We’ve included other perspectives below for context.