Ryan Reynolds Saved A Bear…Kind of

Photo: Getty Images


Ryan Reynolds saved a bear?  Sure, that’s not too much of a stretch.  Allow me to explain. . .

A few days ago Mara Soriano was moving in her hometown of Vancouver.  (That’s in Canada BTW.)  In the process of moving some jerk-faced guy stole a teddy bear from her.  That bear had some significant meaning to Mara.

Mara’s mother had recorded a special message and inserted it into the bear.  The message said, “I love you,” and that she was proud of her daughter and would be with her wherever she was.  Ugh, I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the bear was stolen along with some electronics and other personal items too.

Mara took to social media to spread the message.  She used the hashtag #FindMarasBear.  The post was shared millions of times…it was shared so many times that the very famous Ryan Reynolds tweeted about the bear, offering a $5000 reward if it was returned.

Dead Pool wasn’t the only celeb to offer up some help to #FindMarasBear.  A Canadian media personality George Stroumboulopoulos offered some money for the safe return of the bear, as well as our very own Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos.  They both pleaded on social media to give up the bear.

The makers of the bear, Build-a-bear and a manufacturer of backpacks (Herschel) also reached out to Mara, offering to replace the items that were stolen.  At this point, this was the most sought-after bear in the country as the story reached across the planet.  Seriously.



Just one day after Ryan tweeted about the missing bear, SUCCESS!  A group of guys apparently took the bear off of the man that stole it and returned the bear back to Mara.  If you’d like to see the actual left, here a link to the video that shows the jerk-faced bad man that stole this awesome bear from Mara.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Now that Mara has been reunited with her bear that has her moms encouraging message, she’s over the moon.  TV camera were on the scene to record how happy she was after she got the bear.  So, this all ended on a great note.

No word on if Ryan actually paid the guys that retrieved the bear.  I’m sure he did.  Right?