Things Are Getting Worse For Kanye

Photo: Getty Images


I want to start with something pretty simple here….there is nothing funny about someone going through any type of mental health crisis.  This is Sid here, and I’m here to tell you that I have personally suffered from depression in my life and although it’s no where near the same level as bi-polar disorder, it’s a serious condition.  Anyone that would have joked about my situation when I was at my most vulnerable and I’m not sure I’d be here typing this right now.  So, with that being said, let’s go over what’s happening with Kanye….or better-yet, what’s being reported as happening to him.

Based on a few sources like TMZ and Page Six, Kim and Kanye have not been communicating all week long.  According to some sources, Kanye isn’t taking Kim’s calls; despite Kim offering to come to Kanye’s Wyoming ranch to be with him while in crisis.  Apparently, their relationship has been suffering way before the issue in South Carolina when Kanye told a crowd that he wanted to abort their daughter North.

Kim allegedly flew to Kanye in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago and noticed something wasn’t right.  He didn’t even tell her he was headed to South Carolina to give said speech.

There are reports that Kanye is ready to spill Kardashian family secrets and the Sun UK is reporting that Kanye is threatening to “live stream” his comments if the Kardashians try to “lock him up.”

I think we can all agree that while this makes for some awesome gossip, this is a serious situation and someone’s life is literally on the line.  Hopefully everyone can get the help they need and this ends safely for everyone.