Nicki Minaj Passes Elvis!

Photo: Getty Images


Big ups to Nicki Minaj…she just passed Elvis Presley when it comes to the most Hot 100 songs on the Billboard chart.

Thanks to Nicki’s ‘Trollz’ collab with 6ix9ine hitting number one on the chart, Nicki now has 110 songs that have hit the Hot 100 chart.  Elvis…had 109!

Nicki is now in 4th place on the list of the most Hot 100 appearances.  She’s currently tied with Future who also has 110 on the Hot 100.

Drake is still the big dog on the mountain with 222!  The cast of Glee has 207 with Lil Wayne in third with 168.

That’s a serious list…except the Glee kids…where are they now?  Anyone?