Kelly Rowland Storms Off Set of The Voice

Photo: Getty Images


Former Destiny’s Child member, Kelly Rowland, has a new gig as a judge on the Australian version of The Voice.  In understandable fashion, the producers have ensured the judges have some conflict by casting judges that would most likely not get along….and that’s exactly what’s been happening this season.

Kelly and another judge, Guy Sebastian, have been at each other all season.  During Friday night’s episode, Kelly had enough and walked off set.


When Guy criticized Kelly for the song choice she made for her female contestants, Soma and Lyric, Kelly didn’t take it well, especially when Guy said the girls sang Amy Winehouse’s “Rehab” “too joyfully.”

Then, when Sebastian had his contestants, Johnny and Bukhu, sing a Michael Jackson song, the judges were divided with two of them calling the performance “unfair” due to Bukhu’s limited performance of the song.

Guy and Kelly argued until Kelly had enough, saying, “I’m not doing this.”  Guy hit back, saying, “What’s a walk-off going to do?  It’s so disrespectful!”

Kelly then screamed back at Guy from off-stage.

Although they were really at each other, it was a glorious made-for-TV moment that you just have to see.  I’ve posted the clip below…and although it’s about 7 minutes, it’s pretty entertaining!