Jimmy Kimmel Goes On Hiatus

Photo: Getty Images



Jimmy Kimmel announced last night that it would be his last show for several months.  He said he’s taking the summer off and will return for the September 20th Emmy’s.  Jimmy said, “I’ve been doing this job for almost 18 year.  I’ve done 3,130 shows.  There’s nothing wrong.  I just need a couple months off.”

Well, I’m not buying that!

There have been MANY things that have popped up to ruin many celebs careers lately, and Jimmy Kimmel is no exception.  Jimmy used to do a show called “The Man Show” from 1999 to 2004.  During that show Jimmy played a character in blackface many times.  There have been tons of pics and videos posted lately (see one below) and Jimmy hasn’t discussed the issue.  He’s run from them.  This hiatus, in my opinion, is more running.

Obviously, people make mistakes.  Mistakes are going to happen, and once they do, it’s your responsibility to make corrections in your life to undo the mistake.  In Jimmy’s case, simply acknowledging what he did and showing remorse, as well as admitting it was wrong (and stupid) would go a long way.  However, he’s choosing not to do that.  He’s hiding until it blows over.

Jimmy can definitely learn from his friend Jimmy Fallon, who took steps to acknowledge his wrongdoing and get in front of the issue.  Running from this just makes it worse, and, seems as though he finds nothing wrong.  Unless I’m missing something?

Take a look at Kimmel in blackface as NBA superstar Karl Malone….