Mark Cuban Has Advice for 1099 Workers in DFW

How are y’all doing in this quarantine life?  As far for me my microwave is clean, I don’t know what day it is anymore and I miss human interaction but I feel like that’s where we all are, ohh and also side note Carole Baskin killed her husband! lol That’s not why I came here today though to discuss Tiger King and all of the memes,  but if you want that please follow me on twitter @Lindsayyonair! lol  I came here today to let you know that Mark Cuban is a literal angel on earth here in DFW.  He is helping out in anyway he can during this pandemic, and as you will see below that he tweeted out information for 1099 Employees and Business owners and how you can get a loan and assistance in this uncertain time, not to mention the donation that the Maverick’s foundation has made to help out the community and he is still paying the employees at the AAC while its shut down! We really do need more Business owners/ leaders like Mark Cuban!  Also I know most of you haven’t been able to get out of the house to drive anywhere BUT.. that’s  why we have twitter!  Here’s another thing Cuban has done, thanking the frontline workers, Healthcare workers and first responders outside of the Mavericks practice facility! Just some Feel good news for you! I hope this information you will find helpful!! Stay home and wash your hands, not like you haven’t heard that like 18 times today but you know #SocialDistancing!