Bored? 13 FREE Services To Pass Time While “Social Distancing”

Photo: Pixabay

While we’re mostly all working from home (I’m still coming in every day for now) I’m positive it gets super boring!  I was able to find a list of 13 services you can do to pass time while practicing “social distancing.”

*MEDITATION – Headspace and Calm – yep, they’re both free and I’ve used both of them.  They’re pretty great if you’ve got anxiety or have trouble sleeping.
*FITNESS – Since the gyms are shut down in Dallas it’s making it hard to get your fitness on…Down Dog Yoga and CarePower Yoga are both free and ready to roll!
*GENERAL WELLNESS:  Mind, Body, Green, Goop, Parsley Health, NYC Well – all free.  I’ve never tried them, but have at it!
*FREELANCE / BUSINESS – Comcast, AT&T and Adobe
*OTHER – The Happiest Planner and Sweetgreen

Hopefully these will help you pass some time with a little less stress.  Afterall, there’s only so much Tic Tok you can consume!  Yeah, I’ve spent 4 hours swiping once.  Four.  Hours!

Wash your hands!