Dez Bryant’s Society X Drops Tomorrow at 5pm


I have to give it to Dez Bryant on creating the mystery and anticipation on Society X because I think that there has not been this much anticipation in Dallas since we were waiting for the Cowboys to fire Jason Garret! LOL Till now because Dez Bryant has been tweeting out a countdown for his “Society X” he starts to explain it in the post below but we all are dying to know OVER HERE ALL THE DETAILS! He has only spoke about the countdown till it’s launch which is tomorrow Monday March 9th. Why is there SOOOO much anticipation about the launch of Society X? Well I don’t know about you but I could use an extra $30,000 dollars and a Diamond encrusted Society X chain because, well Cowboys Nation and Dez caught that ball DUH. Not to mention that fact IT’S DEZ BRYANT how could you NOT want to be a part of Society X! Society X  will  give away 100 Society X chains, to the First 100 people to sign up and sign someone else up, YES 100, Society X diamond chains given away and $30,000 in cash as well!!  I guess we all have our eyes glued to social media tomorrow at 5pm to see what the instructions will be! If I was you I would stay glued to all of Society X’s social media @SocietyXlife! We will found out tomorrow what and how Society X is and how it will operate, So good luck Cowboys Nation it will be like the Hunger Games out there trying to get a chain and the money. And while we are on the subject let’s not act like Dez Bryant wouldn’t be a phenomenal addition to our offense on the Cowboys! I mean C’mon anyone who believes otherwise is a HATER! Society X is dropping tomorrow at 5pm so stay on the lookout on social media! May the Odds be ever in your favor!!! #ThrowuptheX #DEZ2020