#OfftheField Podcast with Jane Slater


Off the Field is my sports podcast where I interview individuals that  play or work in any aspect of sports about what it took for them to get where they are now, their journey, the ups and the downs, the raw and the real!  On this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Jane Slater an NFL reporter who covers the Cowboys here in Dallas. She is the real deal, her story is inspiring of how she worked her way up in the media world to make it to the network level.  She didn’t start in sports, but that did prepare her to cover  sports in a very journalistic way which is her roots.  We discuss everything from her news start, her setbacks, awkward moments in the locker room,the #Metoo movement and how women should uplift women. Listen below and you will be inspired by her journey and it will motivate you to follow whatever your passion is, I know I was inspired and still am after hearing  her story!